Smart Realtors know that the “Riches are in the niches!”

Your presence on social media is crucial as a real estate agent.

By using Attraction Marketing to pick a real estate niche, you set yourself apart from all the other “me too” agents in the marketplace and you will stand out like never before. I KNOW, it can seem like picking a niche would limit your options…but instead it focuses your efforts in a really amazing way!

It is like shooting a sniper gun instead of a shotgun, you can clearly focus on just the things that matter and ignore all the rest saving you time which equals money.

Social media can help forge the connections that make realty go ’round.

We will show you step by step The best way “How to” generate more leads using Social Media, Video, and Websites.
The key is to learn the effective way necessary to use them correctly, not like everybody else online.

The Course Includes:

  • Getting Started Guide
  • Realtor Niche Case Study Guide
  • Realtor Niche Marketing Worksheet
  • BONUS: 100 Real Estate Niches
  • Build a Strong Reputation in Your Area

Get an extreme competitive advantage over other agents by incorporating Attraction Marketing using Social Media, dominating your niche
how to create a dominant online real estate presence that actually produces results!
Know which Social Media Sites You must be on to increase your Real Estate business
Learn how to leverage the huge power Facebook Live, Periscope and YouTube
How you can build a faithful audience on Twitter. We have had several Realtors do over 1.2 Million a Year on Twitter Alone
Learn How to market yourself, your listings and your neighborhood with Video. How to Get on the Front Page of YouTube and Google at no cost.
How to Use The Power of Asking using Social Media Platforms. This creates Authenticity, Transparency, Listening and Engagement which are keys to your success.

The internet and social media in particular, provide the perfect platform to engage with many more people than you could ever hope to interact with in the offline world.


Because most real estate agents understand the value of technology, the majority are ready to get onboard with social media.

However, as far too many real estate agents have discovered, signing up for a few profiles and trying to interact with others won’t generate any results. Instead, it will result in wasting time that you could have spent on more effective online pursuits. We have created a system how to post to all Social media sites without managing them

While that experience turns plenty of real estate agents away from social media, the reality is this medium can drive real results. The key is learning how to properly utilize platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest.

If you’re ready to stop wasting time and start attracting leads for your real estate business,