Bardi Knows the inside secrets of how to monetize social media effectively. Work with her – she’ll make you money!”

~Les Brown


Bardi’s Biggest Secret which has gotten her international exposure. This is a system we created to help you get maximum branding exposure… Make More Income and Leverage your time using social media Social Networking Set Up. We do all the work for you!

We set you or your company up on over 20 combined Social Networking and Social Bookmarking sites for you. Showing you how to Post to all 20 Sites at once.


  • Brand your site or company name on each post you submit to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and top 30-45 Sites
  • Manage multiple campaigns, clients and teams on all your networks with Our Enterprise System.
  • Networks Groups, User Teams allow for easier posting and management.
  • Allows you to publish content with ease. One post to 20-25 Social Network and Social Bookmarking sites at once with our Secret SEO System our developers created
  • Allows you to view and respond to comments posted on your primary networks.
  • Allows you to track your social media performance, grow your social footprint, and measure ROI.
  • Our Enterprise includes your very own dedicated support manager, providing you with deluxe VIP treatment!

Watch this Short Video Below for More Information!

You do NOT have to manage all these sites. With a click of a button you can post to all these sites instantly. *We also specialize in setting you up on the Hispanic Social Networking Sites. You will maximize your Exposure, Increase Your Profits and Leverage Your Time. Call for pricing:1-520-867-2530

1:1 and Group Social Media Strategy Coaching, Consulting and Training:

With FIVE different options to choose from, plus customized services, I will support you in creating and implementing a proven social marketing strategy. Contact me directly by filling out Contact Us Form and we’ll set up a time for a strategy session to discuss your company’s specific needs.


Option 2

Social Media Level 1 – Get Immersed with Social Media: Brand Your Business or Service (2 days)

*This can be for an Individual or Group

Explode Your Business, Get Out there, Be Seen – Brand Your Business or Service using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and over 20 other Social media Sites with the click of a button. Leverage your time and increase your profits.

Along with guiding you through complete set-up on Facebook, Twitter and other related tools/platforms, I will help you create a customized social media and marketing strategy for your business.

We will go through all the advanced features and settings on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Youtube will explode your business or service. By the end of the 2 days or 8 (90 minute webinar sessions) you will be completely empowered to maximize these social networking platforms for your business growth.

This INCLUDES: 2 days (6 hr sessions) or 8 x 90-minute laser focused consulting/training sessions in person or via Webinar on phone, 6 months Technical support as needed equaling (5) 15 minute technical Support sessions. (You can combine training in person with webinar, or choose one or the other). Training is clients responsibility to set up.

*You also will receive access to The Power of Branding Academy

This price for an extremely limited period of time.

Out Of LAX – Airfare, Hotel and Meals at additional costs

Call for pricing: 1-520-867-2530

Option 3

One Day Consulting Package – Two Modules -Social Networking + Video Marketing. Modules Can Be Done Separately

· Keyword Research

· Learn Expert Secret

· Dominate Your Competitions keywords

· Dominate Front page of YouTube with Particular Keywords

· Social Networking

· Twitter Account Setup-Basic

· LinkedIn Account Setup-Basic

· Facebook Account Setup-Basic

· YouTube Account Set Up-Basic

· Video Marketing

· Create Video or Slide Show to Promote Business

· Use Video on all your Social Networks

· Keyword Research on Where to Place on Google/Yahoo/

Out Of LAX – Airfare, Hotel and Meals at additional costs

Call for pricing: (520)867-2530

Option 4

For COMMITTED professionals only: Social Media Immersion

One-Day Intensive Hands-on Training

Receive a fully customized on-site training day for you and up to 5 people. If you’re serious about your online social media success, you don’t have a single minute to waste, you want to see FAST results and you’re willing to take the right action, the Social Media Immersion Day is for you. In this private customized program, you’ll find out how to:

· Fully maximize and tap into the power of Facebook and its 500 million members Optimize Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and over 50 Social Media Sites with a Click of a button. You will learn the Biggest Secret Weapon in Social Media NOBODY is talking about. This is a winning lottery Ticket for all businesses.

· Effectively use the micro-blogging platform, Twitter

· BONUS DVD Lifetime Membership with over 40 videos

Out Of LAX – Airfare, Hotel and Meals at additional costs

Call for pricing: (520)867-2530

Have me join your marketing team and support you in creating a step-by-step strategic integrated social media plan, incorporating Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter among many other social media platforms, to explode your business. I will show you how, with one step how to get your business in front of hundreds of thousands of people in your local area or nationally.