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Oprah’s Power is The Power of Asking Questions

Oprah Winfrey was recently named by Forbes as #1 on the Celebrity 100 list. Her net worth is reported at $2.8 billion. Obviously she’s ambitious, resilient, smart – so are a lot of other celebrities. [...]

How Gratitude Advances Marketing and Business

How Gratitude Advances Marketing and Business Several of the PR disasters I’ve examined most recently could have been solved or prevented with a single principle: gratitude. When companies lose gratitude for their customers, the holy grail of [...]

Gary Vaynerchuk and Bardi Toto Epic Interview: Asking and Gratitude #dailyvee

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Show Gratitude Increase Social Media Followers

Original Story "I do this," and "I know that" - social media networks are ripe with bragging, selling and "regurgitating" their product or service online without building relationships, according to Bardi Toto, a branding [...]