Personal Coaching is for people who want to cut to the chase and achieve faster results in the shortest time possible.

Working side by side with Bardi during private live sessions he’ll help you take the short cut to faster results, more money and success in your business most people only dream about.

“Give Me Just Six Hours”

About Inner Circle:

Get unstuck and Get out of Your Own way Getting out there with your business and Social Media. Break through what is holding you back in business. I give straight answers not what you want to hear. You will get straight answers and recommendations.

If you are interested in becoming the top income earner in your business, I offer 6 private coaching sessions of 45 minutes to 1 hour sessions. This is a “No Failure Zone” opportunity because I will be here for you.Bardi works with Professionals and Business Owners who want to learn how to Be Fearless Online, Stand Out & Get Out there by building a million dollar brand. However there is a catch: In fact, you have to meet certain qualification guidelines before you can register as a student.

Here’s the reason… I want like minded, honestly committed, people who feel they will benefit, as well as immediately implement what I teach them from working with me.

Its Really Simple

To give you the time you need to get the results you want, I had to limit the amount of people I work with.. so I’m being very strict as to who I am allowing to participate. I want to make sure that anyone who works with me will actually take what I teach and put it to use. Yes, actually USE IT… what a novel concept! If not, I’ve wasted my time, and you’ve wasted investing in you. So I hope you’re not offended, but I am serious about you meeting the following criteria, then and only then should you consider registering to work one on one with me in these Private Coaching Sessions:

  • You are teachable and trainable, looking to change your business taking it to the NEXT Level.
  • You are open minded about learning a new, visually stimulating and extremely user-friendly and rewarding webinar training format
  • You are not just looking for another course to add to your “collection” You are willing to take what I teach you and WORK at using the knowledgeIf you’ve made it this far and you’re still interested in participating (and you meet the necessary qualifications) then let me give you the remaining details about the course.

You Can Over Come ANY Obstacle

It’s About Lifestyle! With Knowledge you can over come any Obstacle… “The key to Wealth is Learning the Process.” So where will you be financially in five years if you keep doing the same thing you are doing today? Your income right now is based on what you are now doing. Here is one of the most important questions you will ever answer: How much is your dream worth to you? Today, everyone has the opportunity to become wealthy and reach their dreams.

Are You one of the 20?

Listen up, even Tiger Woods has a coach (as do all top athletes for that matter). It is said that after a (rare) disappointing round of golf, Tiger Woods will often take a golf lesson. Why would someone who is arguably the greatest golfer of all time take a golf lesson? And who would he take it from? A Coach! The value is in the ability to “see himself objectively” from an angle or perspective that is not his own. It seems that high performers get this concept more than most. As Einstein said, “The mind that created the problem cannot be the one be to solve it.” In the same way, the person in the trenches is often unable to see themselves objectively enough to overcome their limitations.

That’s just one of the reasons that coaching is so powerful. Additionally, a great mentor can provide comprehensive knowledge and/or training that you just do not possess. In order for you to succeed at building an internet empire, doesn’t it make sense to learn from an actual Internet Entrepreneur that has been creating results for individuals since 1996? Be one of the 20 – There are two kinds of businesses — growing and dying, there are also two kinds of business owners — constantly learning and hopelessly clueless.

The NEW FORMAT for Personal One on One Coaching puts you on the fast track for adding people to your business every day and achieving success in your business most people only dream about. You have to see it….to believe that you can do it too! Just imagine what a rapid, vertical learning curve would do for your business. What would it to be like to add one new client, customer or distributor to your business every day 5-10 in only 50 minutes?

How would that affect your confidence, your peace of mind and, perhaps most of all, your monthly income? What would you do with the extra money? Save for college for your kids? Get a nice high definition TV, expand your house, go on a nice island vacation or plan for a cushy retirement? When you know what I know, with my PROVEN, high speed, concentrated training method, you’ll be able to realistically plan for these life events faster than ever. How is it so fast? Because during every one of our One On One sessions you will have the opportunity to actually SEE how I do things!

How Will I Mentor YOU?

Watch on your computer as I take you step by step through the entire online process and then witness my secrets on identifying the best people from the millions out there. You’ll learn how to approach people with confidence, make friends with them, win their trust and get them to ask you about your business—all live before your very eyes!

During our PRIVATE SESSIONS, you’ll log into PRIVATE WEBINARS where you’ll see everything on my screen as I step you through my proven system that is helping so many people. Then I’ll LOG INTO your Social Media accounts as you watch me demonstrate how easy it is to use Gratitude, Build Relationships and Use my Power of Asking Strategy TOGETHER we’ll search for the “RIGHT” People not the “WRONG” ones. TOGETHER we’ll  target your “NICHE AUDIENCE” SEPARATE the serious from the “WRONG” people.

Since everything is done while logged into your accounts, you’ll have a record of everything we do and a clear blue-print of what to do. This is an exclusive opportunity to learn directly from one of the foremost “movers and shakers” of our time. During these most intimate telephone and visually stimulating coaching sessions, I will personally guide you through experiences that will teach you the skills and strategies you need to create your most fulfilling sales goals and reveal the truth about why you do what you do when selling. By actually seeing what I’m doing on my computer, it’s like you’re the apprentice, looking over the shoulder of a master craftsman, or the surgical intern watching the famous doctor perform brain surgery.

What to Expect..

You’ll learn by watching, from the comfort of your home or office, then you’ll repeat it for yourself under my watchful eye, until you’re ready to go solo. Then I’ll critique your activities and continue to give you sage advice throughout the process until you’re as confident as the most seasoned professionals in the industry. As soon as you register, my assistant will schedule our 6 private coaching sessions, where I will reveal and visually walk you through the most complete, up-to-date Internet prospecting system ever seen. Maybe you’re wondering why I just don’t open it up to as many as I can… …it’s because I only have time to do this with 30 people in a private personal way that they can’t help but succeed (more about that later.) So, I’m going to have to limit the number of people I’m going to invest my time, effort, and energy into… This course is not like any other webinar you have participated in There’s no one else but me teaching – you get me, personally teaching you. This course will just be ME teaching YOU over the 6 hours of very intense and concentrated training sessions.

Here is the Deal….

  • I work with 20 people each month
  • This is personal visual webinar coaching – just you and me
  • The number of sessions is determined by the payment plan you select
  • You can make a single payment of $2000 or two or three payments of $1175 or $850 each
  • You have to be serious about growing your business and determined to become a leader in your company
  • Consider this carefully. Don’t sign up and take one of these few available spots if you’re not serious and committed.

If you’re ready to go for the next level however, sign up today because space is limited.

This is an absolute bargain, given what I charge for one hour of personal one-on-one consulting ($500/hour) However, I’ve made it easier for you if you need to be able to have payment plan options. What I’m going to do for you if you need it, is to allow you to have a TWO or THREE PAYMENT OPTION… as low as $725. for each payment. The payments will automatically be billed to your credit card in 30 day intervals.

Remember… The one-on-one personal high-interaction private coaching sessions with me will make a difference in your life and your business.

No distractions from a room filled with 100, 300, or 500 people. No limitations on asking the questions you want because too many people are ahead of you. No “pitchmen” trying to sell you their wares from the stage.


get started buttonexcuses

NOW…That I got your attention, Listen up. You need to pay attention to this very carefully because I can’t imagine this is going to happen again any time soon: I have opened up a VERY limited number of places on my coaching program, and I’m offering a very VERY special deal  who apply and are accepted for one-on-one coaching TODAY…

If you’re one of them, then YOU will get my NEXT Boot Camp — – absolutely FREE Let me say that again: if you’re accepted for my one-on-one coaching program, you can attend the next brand New Boot Camp for FREE — that’s an additional value of $897. THAT MEANS YOU’RE SAVING OVER $2500.00

BY ORDERING TODAY You will learn from someone who has social proof and has done it.  Remember you are working with the #2 Branding and Social Media strategist in the world who has been featured in the local/national news, international business magazines, radio, talk shows and various other media sources. Learn from someone who is not going to tell you what you want to hear but what works and what does not!


There is an application for my Personal Internet Mentorship Program.


If you can please take a moment and answer these questions, being as thorough as possible. Otherwise, I won’t know enough about you to really understand how I can be of highest service. I wish I could talk to everyone who fills out an application, but that would be unrealistic, as I only closely work with 10 private clients at a time throughout the year. (there is a wait list at times)

We attract a particular type of person as well who is ambitious, committed, believes in investing in themselves, is willing to impliment, and wants to grow rapidly in every area of their life, and finances. Our client’s get results and can increase their income. With the right work ethic, and strategy you absolutely can do this. We appreciate your time and attention, and look forward to connecting with you.