Voted #2 out of the top 100 Branding Experts to follow on Twitter and online Bardi knows Branding. She knows How to do it Viral with Fast Results using her Niche Marketing Branding and Unique Social Media Skillset Using Gratitude. Bardi is Followed by Several Fortune 500 companies on Twitter like American Airlines, US Airways, Shari’s Berries and Red Bull to name a few. Celebrities, Authors, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Churches, Not for Profits and Corporations seek her advice because of her Social Proof, making Local and National News, Her contributions in national magazines, but most of all her Unique “Niche Marketing” Branding approach used with heart.

Branding is the foundation of your business. When you build a house, you pour the concrete first. Your branding is your concrete and the most important aspect of your business, whether you have an on or offline business. Based on your branding people will choose to work with you or not. What makes you “stand out” different than every Realtor out there, Chicken Restaurant , Network Marketer, Investor, Author and of course Branding Expert?

For myself I use gratitude with Branding and Social Media, I also do not tell people what they want to hear, but what works and what does not. There is no fluff, hype or bull here. I refuse to sell you information, instead I show people HOW I have created success for my clients.

Attract More Clients – Close More Sales and Get Noticed – Elevate Your Personal Brand Using Social Media Personal Branding.

  • Get People Tired of Seeing You in a Good Way!
  • Take your business to the next level!
  • Get paid what you are worth!
  • Attract all of the clients, opportunities and resources you need to succeed!

Your marketing is only as powerful as your brand, your personal brand. Do you have a clear strategy for standing out among the many other professionals with offerings similar to yours? Personal Branding is about discovering what makes you unique then promoting it in a way that is authentic, relevant and compelling. Your ability to stand out and stay top-of-mind could mean the difference in your success or failure.

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Our Invisible Branding Services

  • Social Media Custom Banner Design – Branded for You
  • How to Use Social Media in ONLY 1 hr a Day:
  • Social Media Sites Quick Start Set Up – We do the work for you. Click Here. We will set you up on either 20 or 35 Social Networking Sites including a full profile with your photo, bio, and more including our Secret SEO/Back linking strategy. Then we will show you HOW to post to all the sites at once. Time Saver and Money Maker. Our own system, It is not Hootsuite, Hootsuite is flaky and is not reliable
  • Informational Product Creation
  • Word Press Blog Branding Packages
  • Ecover, Real Book and Product Design
  • NEW Book Trailer Video for Authors