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Bardi Toto Drake – “The Power of Asking” Creating The Life YOU Deserve – Not Just a Way of Life….A Revolution


NY Times Best Selling Author, Branding Superstar and Life Mentor Bardi Toto Drake. Bardi Toto Drake has helped many change their self-defeating thinking patterns that have prevented them from Asking for what they deserve in Life.

Her Best Selling Book “The Power of Asking: Creating All That YOU Deserve” has already empowered thousands of lives. You will learn how The Power of asking can change your life overnight. It is NOW that you need to reshape your life into the life you deserve vs. settling for less. The Power of asking is what you need to change your destiny starting today. Never give up on your dreams and goals just because circumstances are tough or someone planted a negative seed in your head.

As a loving mom of two boys, Bardi understands the challenges that men and women face to achieve their personal and professional goals. The Number 1 Problem that hold people back is FEAR. Avoidance = Fear. The average person will not ask for what they want in life, staying stuck where they are and settling for a life they do not deserve. You were meant to have more. God wants you to live a life of fulfillment and happiness. You have one life and the average person is just settling day in and day out.

Bardi’s background wasn’t a pretty one with alcoholism in her family, surrounded by very toxic people for years, domestic violence and labels through growing up..she could have allowed her past circumstances to dictate her present and future but she didn’t.

Now YOU don’t have to either!!

Whether it is asking for a raise in your job, asking for better communication in a relationship, asking for the pay you deserve, asking to be treated with more expect, asking for anything, 98% of the world does not do this because of fear with expectations.

It’s time for YOU to claim what’s rightfully yours and create an abundant and happy life YOU Deserve!!

Creating the Life YOU Deserve! Bardi has used her own Power of Asking Strategies to get world renowned recognition on Social Media by American Airlines, US Airways, Red Bull, Shari’s Berries Just to name a few. The forward of her 2 books were written by Michael Bernard Beckwith, She has been endorsed by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Kristen Carlson (Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff), Les Brown, Marie Diamond (The Secret – Movie) and many others.

Men and Women are changing their lives, using their voices and starting more businesses than ever before, and for good reason: There’s never been a better time to take control of your income, leverage low-cost technology, and create the freedom and life you’ve always wanted. The new economy is best suited for women who are ready to claim their success.

Bardi Toto Drake — is the voice for men and women’s personal and entrepreneurial success. Since starting her first business from scratch 18 years ago in a closet on Military base housing, she’s grown businesses into the millions and wants to show you how to grow a profitable personal life and business as well, no matter what level you want to take it to.

Learn From a Recognized Leader in Business!

Bardi Toto Drake has received the honor of being voted and recognized by Values.com as an everyday hero for gratitude and determination. She is sought out and seen as one of the top Winning Women Entrepreneurs in the world and online. Her Social Proof speaks loud as she was Voted #2 out of top 100 Branding and Social Media Experts online. She has been featured on Local/National News, Talk Shows, radio shows and featured in many business magazines.

Bardi offers a “NO FAILURE ZONE”, there is “No Fluff and No Hype” with her. She will not tell you what you want to hear, but what works and what does not. So whether you’re a new business owner or have been in business for years, a single gal or a home-based mom with a family, you’re about to learn personal and business strategies and secrets from the woman named for Determination and Gratitude.